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Fouch Farms is located in Mariposa County, in the beautiful foothills of Central California. The family run operation specializes in holistic, natural, progressive, and sustainable farming. We don’t try to change the environment through chemicals and heavy machinery, but rather use livestock and sound management practices to produce gorgeous landscapes, productive fields, and savory products.

Go to your local market and you will find a lot of products from all over the world. Your organic beef comes from Australia and your organic watermelons come from Mexico. The majority of the products are processed food with who knows what in them and from who knows where. With more and more food borne disease and alarming health issues in our population, we believe it is time for a change. This is not a new concept though, it is simply going back to a simpler time. Many people do not have the acreage, resources, or desire to have a farm. However, a back yard garden and meat from a local farmer can change the world.

At Fouch Farms we encourage  people to seek out farmers in their area and make connections. Your local farmers can provide nearly all of your food stuffs without trucking, diesel, and refrigerated rail cars. Not only are you saving all that energy and natural resources, but you are supporting your local economy. One farm at a time, and you can keep that pasture from being turned into the next Walmart.

We want you to be our neighbors, friends, and customers. We strive to produce the  highest quality products at fair prices. Unlike the big factory farms where the majority of food is produced; we are transparent. If you want to see how are animals are treated, what they are fed, their living conditions; then come on over, we have nothing to hide.

Please do what you can to support your own local farms. We are members of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund because, “Make no mistake, as the local, heritage, humane, ecological, sustainable-- call it what you will (anything but organic since the government now owns that word)--food system takes flight, the industrial food system is fighting back. With a vengeance.” -JOEL SALATIN

We are growing and appreciate your business. Please tell your friends, family, and neighbors about us. If there is anything you need or a product you desire please contact us.

Thank you and remember to buy local,

Fouch Farms


Above L-R: Dexter cow and calf, Lake at home ranch, Old Spot sow with new litter.

A pasture based sustainable family farm